Velvet City - Original Characters

Adult situations with my OC's that live in the town Velvet city!

Character sheets

Character sheets for some of my original characters! These are general guidelines. Feel free to draw them!

Other original characters

Original characters separate from Vevlet city, such as furries etc.

Western Fanart

Fanart of western cartoons

Anime Fanart

Fanart from different animes I have drawn


Comics! some finished, some not.


Some animations ranging from a couple of years old to the present.

Commissions, gifts and Requests

Gifts i have done for people, and sometimes i take on request. And ofcourse Commissions that people have been kind enough to ask me to draw! thanks people!

Scraps and sketches

Pictures I don't really know where to put, unfinished etc.

Old Works

Older stuff! At the moment they don't have any search tags added to them or anything, but i figured ill upload them. Someone might enjoy it.

Gift art

Gift and guest art!