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170206party-2 12

Hello guys! Part 2 of the oc orgy thing with Simon, Harry halfling, Emma, Annie and others! (some of you might have seen this one already since I posted this one instead of part 1 by mistake last time, I’m not a clever man) Part...

170130clara 11

Clara and a sketch!

Hello guys! Here is a Clara thing, and a  sketch thing with simon and the foxxx’s oc Lily Lovecock. I’m not quite happy with how the skintone on clara turned out here but I think I learned what not to do. I’m a little inexperience...

170123party 17

Hello guys! Here’s a pic with some oc’s doing a party thingy, part 1 out of who knows! Check it out the velvet city gallery! /shiin

170109sakuranar2 23

Naruto beach things and a toph pic!

Hello guys I added another part of the naruto beach series to the commission/request gallery and a Toph pictures (it’s a little rough around the edges) to the Fanart Gallery, check them out! Shiin

161228emma-school 4

Some experimental things

Hello guys I played around with some different ways of painting and adding some lines etc etc. But I think I’ll stick to regular lineart for now. You can check out the pictures in the velvet city oc gallery, it’s 2 with Emma and one...

161230hinata-dp 11

Naruto pic AND a Robb and Lin story!

Hello guys! Here’s a Hinata picture you can check out in the fanart anime gallery! I also posted a story here by ZenZerker! Lin gets a taste of Robb’s meat! Check out more of his stuff here: There are also a link to his...

161219aceemma 12

Emma and Ace goes sledding!

Hello guys! Emma and Aces goes sledding is no up. There is a slightly different version where i did a bit of extra painting on the cock and butt area of the picture. Check it out in the Velvet city gallery! Shiin