Alexia and Robb and more Gina!

Hello guys

A new pic with Gina the Genie and a picture with Robb and Alexia is now posted!
Check them out in the Velvet city oc gallery!


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  1. Eddy_Conte says:

    Ehy shiin, when you will pubblish the 1st pic of kurenai and anko on your website?

  2. Roger T says:

    Really enjoy your work. Incredibly hot and horny artwork and dialogue! (I just finished reading The Massage experience, attention to detail such as sperm shooting from nose was awesome) Greetings from the UK.

  3. Lorena says:

    Hello Shiin. I know you’re busy, but can you upload more of your art per week? I like your work too much and would like to see more quantity per week

  4. Yann says:

    do you have any femboy project ?

    • shiin says:

      Nothing in the works, I’ve been planing to do something for that project but i’m afraid it’s been a busy year for me

  5. animeshnik says:

    Ki Shiin, will there be any works from you including beautiful pubic hairstyles, I am looking forward this very much. And I cannot believe that i have just begin to draw only thanks to you

  6. Lily says:

    Hey shiin, Amazing work but I have to ask again! Do you have any near plans to draw one piece?

  7. James says:

    This series is amazing I can’t wait for Elizabeth one I like the more detail and color you put on your characters and the texture keep it up my friend

  8. Blue Star Girl says:

    I love to Elizabeth cosplay demon. More of that

    • Orange Girl says:

      Me too. I love to Elizabeth and her beautiful big boobs. Please Shiin, more of Elizabeth and her cosplay of hot demon

    • Rosario says:

      Hi Shiin. My favourite character of Velvet City is Elizabeth. Please, more of Elizabeth and more cosplays hot of everything

  9. U.n.owen says:

    Shiin how are you able to make my dick hard (no homo) with every single one of your art. Sheesh you’re like a mind reader.

    Do you plan on doing an incest strip like with Bart and Lisa Simpson or a Borutob and Himawari? Just wondering..

    Stay Gucci bro

  10. EK says:

    I love your art! Big fan here -waves- ^ยท^

  11. Endou says:

    Sweet, Nice work. And it appears my Fav Char. Is going up next. Cant Wait, Youre the most talenten as always. Keep being cool shiin !

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