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Shower adventures of a sort!

Hello guys This is the a suggestion from a patreon that was put into a poll and won that poll, It’s simon meeting some ladies, kinda. I’m not sure how many parts there will be but a couple! Shiin


Meg and Steve!

Hello guys Family guy vs American dad! I made a thing with Meg and Steve, I figured the whole two losers thing would be fun to mix up. Perhaps they’ll become winners now! Check it out in the fanart gallery! Shiin


Some Emma things

Hello guys I posted 2 pictures with Emma, on a quicker lined thing and one a sketch. Check them out in the Velvet city gallery! Shiin


Lin, final part of the tattoo series

Hello guys I posted last part where lin got her tattoo in the velvet city oc gallery! I also posted a sketch with some one piece characters in the anime fanart gallery, check them out! Shiin


Rigar and Nahia!

Hello guys! Rigar and kogeikuns Nahia in this little pic taking place in the store Rigar works in! Check it out in the Velvet city gallery! Shiin


Mei animations!

Hello guys! I posted some Mei animations, yeah the contraption thing is quite stupid, but what the hell! check them out in the animation gallery! Shiin