Final picture in the Penny and Alexia series!

Hello guys!

Penny and Alexia final part is here and a sketch with Emma, check them out in the Velvet City gallery!


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  1. Lily says:

    Hey Shiin, I have loved your recent art! It’s incredibile! I was wondering if you have any plans to finish that Natsu and Erza from fairy tail art? If not do you have any plans for the anime Fairy Tail

  2. Monty Cantsin says:

    Penny and Alexia are def my fav gals of VC now if they could only meet up/orgy with this candy colored haired vixen from this on going shower series and Nahia you’d have a Lisa Frank rainbow reverse gangbang for some lucky VC guy. Maybe Simon for his Mr Fatcock video porn site?

    • shiin says:

      Ha, that would be quite something, maybe in the future I would draw something with 4 curvy girls in one pic like that, its not a bad idea!

  3. Kai-O-Ken 10x says:

    that star tattoo is hot yo~

  4. Azathoth says:

    Really wish this series had been longer.. love Penny and Alexia.. would love to see more of them… Maybe a titfuck competition..

  5. Eddy Conte says:

    Shiin can you do more stuff like dr jung previous pics?

    • shiin says:

      I might do more dr jung if that’s what you are asking but have some series and a comic that I’m working on atm that I’m finishing up before I start much new things, time will tell!

  6. Tnecniw says:

    MMMMH :)

    Such a nice load :D

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