Interviews with my some of my OC’s.

Character interview so far: Simon Phatcok, Emma Hugaz, Emily Hugaz.


Name:  Simon Phatcok

Age: 18

Height: Slightly above average

Occupation:  I’m a student but I take on some part time jobs and I’m working on a website to earn some extra cash. It’s mostly me and different g-girls that… uhm.. Well I have some cameras setup in my room on different places and… well. I-It’s just a site I’m working on.

How is your wealth status?
I get by but I don’t earn very much since I’m a student. I still live with m-my parents which can be annoying sometimes, but they are nice and aren’t home to much since they work a lot and stuff! It also means I don’t have to many bills to worry about.

What are your hobbies and interests?
Girls, is that an interest? I guess I like videogames, reading some, hanging out with my f-friends. I program a bit and spend a lot of time in front of the computer doing different things.

Do you have any dislikes?
Uhm.. I guess but I can’t really think of anything m-major right now.

Favorite sexual position?
W-what? This is getting a little to personal now.. I mean I like getting behind girls a-and… and plow their asses! I have a huge cock a-and I LOVE slamming that into womens asses, I-I mean just go nuts, sometimes I get a little to excited and blow my load right up their butt, but most times I can just keep going and slam on harder and harder and then- Ehum, I-I apologize.. I got a little excited and… Sorry I didn’t meant to share that like that.. or at all. I’m.. uh n-next question please.

Can you tell us something few people know about you?
I… I think I just did.


Name: Emma Hugaz

Age: 26

Height: Average

Occupation: I’m a part time teacher and part time nurse, and sometimes i earn some money on the side at various jobs.

How is your wealth status?
I’m having a hard time with money, there are just so many things to buy out there! I mean I get by from month to month but I usually have to work extra as an, uhm escort sometimes.

What are your hobbies and interests?
Shopping for all kinds of things, I like just walking in the stores to. Sometimes I like to go dancing and I love hanging out at one of the many beaches in this town. Now and then you get to see some freakishly big penises on those beaches, I just like to have a look, sometimes!

Do you have any dislikes?
High prices and people who think I’m dumb, I’m just a bit naive now and then okay?

Favorite sexual position?
I’m not sure, if they are really hung I like to be on top, they tend to go all wild when they ride me. They seem to get so excited over my big jiggly ass.

Can you tell us something few people know about you?
Well, don’t tell anyone but I do sometimes go down on guys for… uhm things, it’s an easy way to earn some extra money. I mean it’s not like I go looking for it but there are just so many guys offering me all kinds of things if I just hang out with them, and well, sometimes they hang it out when we hang out! Lately however I have bumped into these super hung guys far too often and they really like to fuck my ass, it’s pretty big after all. However that doesn’t mean your twenty inch rod will just slide in guys!


Name: Emily Hugaz

Age: 23

Height: Average

Occupation: I just moved to Velvet city and I work part time as an nurse’s assistant, my sister helped me get that job! I guess I like run errands and help patient with smaller things like undressing, changing pillows, all kinds of things, cause I haven’t handled medicine and stuff so I can’t do that. I thought about studying something like that but the teachers told me that reading and learning wasn’t where my strength was at, but I’m good at other things!

How is your wealth status?
Like money? I didn’t know money had a status? But I have a little myself, I can buy some things I like now and then rent a smaller apartment in town.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I like photography sometimes, I have taken pictures of all kinds of things, birds, people, houses… my neighbor showering, oh don’t tell anyone! He was just so hung that I couldn’t believe it! I showed my sister the pictures and she just said that there are a bunch of guys that size in velvet city, and bigger! But I like all kinds of stuff, as long as they aren’t too hard to figure out. Sometimes I think other people are just so smart, they know all kinds of things I don’t know!

Do you have any dislikes?
Uhm, I don’t know, spiders and things like that, I guess I am a bit superstitious to so I don’t like those bad luck things like black cats, and things.

Favorite sexual position?
I don’t know, there are many fun ones! I mean, uhm… depends I suppose.

Can you tell us something few people know about you?
Well, something few people know. I gave the principal a blowjob so he would alter my grades cause they were so bad when i was going to graduate! So I got lucky and got smarter that day, that’s what my grades says at least so I guess that makes it true right? Other things, hm, well I think it’s a little scary how big some dicks are in this town, once of twice a day I see a guy with a bulge in his pants so big I’m almost wondering if they are just trying to fool me, maybe they are?



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  1. bigDPakman says:

    You should make some more Carmen X Simon tbh I really liked those

  2. Jacob says:

    I want to see a Miss Cherry interview… And more of that hot ass milf getting fucked.

  3. Rick says:

    Wow. You made the Simon’s interview too. He seems to me in “hobbies and interests” thing :D Besides I remember your idea about have he working on an amateur XXX website, it could be really a funny scenario to work with… Hehehe Simon PATHCOK! I wonder why our ancestors did not think of lastnames like these, the world would be a funnier place to live in. lmao

  4. wolfen749 says:

    Got any more of these on the way,shiin?i,for one,am looking forward to them!

  5. James says:

    SHIIN I CANT WAIT for MORE THANK YOU keep it up !!

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