Karl meets Jessica and Holli

Hello guys

Here are two pages from the comic I’m working on with Holli and Jessica, an artists gets pulled into the comic world!
This was the poll winner from a couple of months ago at my patreon, check it out in the comic section!

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  1. Azathoth says:

    Can’t wait to see Jessica get ridden good and hard. Keep up the great work Shiin.

  2. Anonymous Person says:

    REALLY hope he’ll get the idea to draw/upgrade his muscle-mass as well!

    I mean, if you were in his position, being able to redraw anything about yourself, wouldn’t you want a supreme muscle-god bod to go with those monster-cocks you’re using to plow the ladies?

    After all, the bigger one is, the more there is to worship!

  3. shiryu says:

    best artist in the world!!!

    Do some animations bro!

  4. Kai-O-Ken 10x says:

    i wish i can meet the characters i draw too lol

  5. Monty Cantsin says:

    Nice sexy meta-/fourth wall break

  6. Koua says:

    Shiin secret fantasy haha. Completely out of topic but I have been wondering for a long time… Are you French Shiin?

    • Tnecniw says:

      I mean, yeah… Shiin indeed has a fantasy of a woman that can actually take his meat! xD

    • shiin says:

      Hehe trully, then again who wouldn’t want to create things with a pen only ^^ This was actually suggested by a patreon and voted the winner in a poll so I can’t take to much credit for the base idea : ) I am not french no : )

  7. Tnecniw says:

    Also.. admit… That guy is meant to be you.

  8. Tnecniw says:


    We need more of this!

    (please make him draw their tits bigger!)

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