Last part of the shower adventure!

Hello guys

last part of the shower adventure has been posted. You can view it in the velvet city gallery!


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  1. Azathoth says:

    Love this series, and so awesome to end with a double titfuck. Looking forward to hopefully seeing more of these characters.

  2. Idea man says:

    This is just an idea, you should join some new artists to help you publish much more material, you should publish every day

  3. Kitty says:

    Hello Shiin, please I want you to do something of the religion. I know it sounded bad but I would like you to do something interracial. I'll explain, Maria was the blonde and busty virgin of jerusalem, then one night appeared the angel Miguel who is a chunky black angel and with a big thick black cock. Then the black man tells Maria that God wants to have his son with Maria through the black angel. So the black angel begins to fuck Maria and cumming on her big tits, her plump ass, inside her tight and virgin pussy, inside her big hole of the anus that had already been fucked by all the people of jerusalem, in his throat and all over his body. I know it sounds ridiculous but, nobody did something like that, you should do it. By the way for the design of the characters I would like you to use the characters of, I mean Jenny to make Maria, the black trainer to make black angel and Kitty to make another woman who is later visited by him black Angel. Please do it please

    • shiin says:

      well that’s an idea but I don’t take requests, sorry about that! I don’t really have any plans to do religious based stuff, it’s a fetish or genre that dosn’t add much for me, sorry!

  4. Paul says:

    Hi Shiin, please I want you to do something from Street fighters V. I mean the characters like Chun-Li, Cammy, Rainbow Mika, Laura. Please I love your art and also those characters of that game, so the best thing about this world would be that you would merge them and make art of them

    • shiin says:

      Sorry, I don’t take requests but it’s likely there might be some street fighter someday, there’s some pretty good charaters in there! And thanks!

  5. Lily says:

    Hey Shiin, amazing work! It’s really good! You keep on getting better and better! I was also wondering if you had any plans for Fairy tail, maybe continue the Erza and Natsu art?

    • shiin says:

      Thank you, very kind to say, I wish I knew those characters better then I think I would draw them, I have plans now and then to draw them but, well, we shall see!

  6. Boris says:

    As someone else said, the subtle but noticeable increase in detail in the drawing is really well done. Also I’m impressed how the exaggerated anatomy still somehow looks realistic in this series. Keep up the good work!

  7. Monty Cantsin says:

    Fucking magical brah! These girls are so fine and this series so hot I’ve been speechless. Simply stunning…

  8. James says:

    What a big finish I think Simon would love to see those two again love the double team and I like the more details on your characters great work

  9. H3nt4i801 says:

    Hey nice work shiin i have a question have you ever made art where the boy eats the girls pussy or 2 girls kissing? im curious

    • shiin says:

      Might be one or two pics in the past but I haven’t really found that as fun to draw, those are things I enjoy more in real life but when I draw it’s more about other things ^^

  10. Potatowarrior says:

    Shiin I would love to live in your world, so goddamn sex!

  11. Tnecniw says:

    I am not 100% sure if I would want to be one of the girls or the boy in this scenario :O


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