Meg and Steve!

Hello guys

Family guy vs American dad! I made a thing with Meg and Steve, I figured the whole two losers thing would be fun to mix up. Perhaps they’ll become winners now!
Check it out in the fanart gallery!


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  1. jimmy badaaz says:

    Hello shiin,this last pic of emma is awesome,do you continue the pic of theresa and adrian in the shower room and others of avatar toph,yoruichi and hanataro?

  2. Oro says:

    You know what i realised you never drew husband/boyfriend with wife/girlfriend have you realised that

  3. Kai-O-Ken 10x says:

    i see your background has improved young man, im proud of you! my blessing with you~

    • shiin says:

      thanks mate, i structured it so i have a little more time to work on each picture and can spend a little more time on a simple background : )

  4. Rednovarenegade says:

    Idea! Caulfila and Cabba from Dragon Ball super! (I think I spelled her name right?)

    • shiin says:

      I’m not to familiar with dragonball, never say never but there’s nothing planed atm and probably will not be for the near future, sorry!

  5. Pakman says:

    Can a character……wait for it…..have a average cock?

  6. Koua says:

    One of your hottest pics, no doubt. Would love to see more of that freckled big ass in the near future!

    • shiin says:

      There seem to be quite a number of people that do, we shall see, hopefully I can find time to draw some more!

  7. Pakman says:

    I really wanna see more OC hentai to be honest

  8. Pakman says:

    Awesome fanart as usual shiin

  9. Lily says:

    Awesome work Shiin! I have to say you have done nothing but amazing art so far! I was wondering do you have any plans for Naruto? Maybe a continuation of the him and Anko pic. You drew Anko incredibly well!
    Anyway keep up the great work!

    • shiin says:

      Thank you, that’s to kind ^^ Nothing planed atm, I did a lot of naruto and naruto commissions in the past but I don’t do it to often these days. But there should be something sometime but I can’t tell you when or what it will be ^^

  10. Rednovarenegade says:

    Hope you do Hayley next with Brian or Chris (Chris if I recall right is supposed to have a huge cock)

    • shiin says:

      I have thought about drawing Hayley sometime, maybe I’ll get around to it, and yeah there’s an episode about chris having that : )

  11. Sephirioth says:

    Please continue this!!!

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