Naruto, beach adventures part 4

Hello guys!

Naruto, beach adventures, part 4 of this little series requested by a patron of the benefactor tier.
Check it out in the fanart anime gallery!


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  1. MafNart says:

    I know sakura wants it she is a busty slut

  2. james says:

    Shiin this is amazing i think we all know if naruto puts it in sakura will get addictive to it and hinata will want a turn great work my friend

  3. JB says:

    You can make some serious porn comics but why very few?

    • shiin says:

      The real comics? Well they take time, I do 2 regular pics each week for my patron that I post here later and I have had some side projects to but I will get back into making comics in the future. Still it takes a couple of months to finish them up since I have lots of other things going!

  4. Endou says:

    The same over here!, i almost cant wait till its complete, keep up te Good work

  5. Miguel says:

    Sakura should get it up her ass too!

  6. Lily says:

    Awesome Work Shiin! How many more parts of this will there be?

    Keep up the amazing art

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