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161028trickortreat 12

Penny celebrating Halloween!

Hello guys! Got some Penny pics uploaded that I made a while back, Halloween inspired stuff! Check it out in the velvet city gallery. Shin

161021vinter-harry 7

Officer Vinter and Harry Halfling

Hello guys! Harry halfling and officer Vinter (The Emily/harry part 3 is still comming, just ended up drawing this inbetween!) Check out the pictures in the Velvet City gallery! Shiin

161017dickroxy6 16

Last pic in the Dick and Roxy series!

Hello guys! Last pic in the Dick and Roxy series (The Foxxx’s oc’s <- be sure to check out his site!) are now up and you can check them out in the vevlet city gallery! Shiin

161003dickroxy5-highres 9

Dick and Roxy, part 5

Hello guys! Part 5 of Dick and Roxy is up. They are the foxxx’s OC’s but I still put them in the velvet city gallery cause It seemed fiting for this series : ) Shiin

160930dexmom 13

Dexters mom!

Hello guys! Just a little dexters mom things I did, check it out in the fanart gallery! Shiin