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A bleach Image

Hello guys! I added a bleach Image to the Anime fanart gallery, check it out! I also managed to get around to sorting out the order of the comic gallery, pages should now be in correct order. Shiin


Emma giving extra lessons!

Hello guys I uploaded 2 pictures with Emma giving some extra lessons to a student, check it out in the velvet city gallery! Shiin


Makoto and Clara

Hello guys! Patreon benefactor commission thingy from last month, Makoto and Clara in the tunnel of love! Check it out in the Velvet city gallery! Shiin


Hello guys! Part 2 of the oc orgy thing with Simon, Harry halfling, Emma, Annie and others! (some of you might have seen this one already since I posted this one instead of part 1 by mistake last time, I’m not a clever man) Part...


Clara and a sketch!

Hello guys! Here is a Clara thing, and a  sketch thing with simon and the foxxx’s oc Lily Lovecock. I’m not quite happy with how the skintone on clara turned out here but I think I learned what not to do. I’m a little inexperience...


Hello guys! Here’s a pic with some oc’s doing a party thingy, part 1 out of who knows! Check it out the velvet city gallery! /shiin