Shower adventures of a sort!

Hello guys

This is the a suggestion from a patreon that was put into a poll and won that poll, It’s simon meeting some ladies, kinda.
I’m not sure how many parts there will be but a couple!


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  1. Rednovarenegade says:

    I have always wanted something gloryhole related awesome!

  2. Cam says:

    More please

  3. Tnecniw says:


  4. jimmybadaaz says:

    Hello shiin,this last pic of emma is awesome,do you continue the pic of theresa and adrian in the shower room and others of avatar toph,yoruichi and hanataro?

  5. Kai-O-Ken 10x says:

    your girl’s bodytype are always my favorites yo~

  6. Monty Cantsin says:

    Keep it up shiin, these girls with multi-colored hair like this shower chick and Nahia are so sexy and visually refreshing, plus this new chick’s curves are to die for. Loving the new stuff as usual, but please more like this. The more new ladies Simon can meet in Velvet City the better!

    • shiin says:

      Thank you, yeah I kinda got inspired by kogeikuns Nahia with the hair here, but I wanted it sorta candy colored or something like that ^^

  7. G says:

    This is great! Please make more.

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