Stories from Velvet City

Tales From Velvet City, an anthology!

A journey through Velvet city where we get to meet of the characters that inhabits the world of big curvy things!
Written by Slutwriter, you can check this story out at this hentai-foundry page, link below!

Tales From Velvet City, an anthology!

Story by Slutwriter

Tales from Velvet City – chapter 2

Emma taking part in some fun things in this chapter 2!

Tales of Velvet city, chapter 2

Story by ZenZerker

Tales from Velvet City – chapter 1

Lin and Robb come together in this story about nude modeling and the things it leads to!

Tales of velvet city, chapter 1

Story by ZenZerker


Clara and Michael – fiting rewards


One thing leads to another and Clara ends up going to dinner with Michael! Check it out : )

Clara and Michael!

Story by Oghma!


Tales From Velvet City; Long Arm of the Lawbreaker

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Simon gets into trouble with the law! check it out!

Tales From Velvet City; Long Arm of the Lawbreaker

Story by Penumbra!

Promt Delivery!

(picture not actually related to the story other then that it’s Robb and a milf ^^)

Robb is working, they day is warm, and as he is about to deliver a package to yet another client,
he finds a curvy milf ready to sign for it!

Download Story here!

A story from by the awesome Penumbra!

Simons First


Miss Cherry finds out after class why Simon is feeling down and decides to help out! Story written by Risax Based on this pic I drew in early 2013 i believe!

Download Story here!


27 Responses

  1. Saran says:

    Can you please write a story of Simon and Carmen?
    Carmen is my fave OC TBH

    • shiin says:

      I don’t write anything, there’s some stories other people have written for me on my site, and Carmen is Jay-marvels oc : )

  2. J says:

    Hey. Your tales from velvet city chapter 1 won’t open for me and if maybe you,should,try writing a,story with Simon and carmen

  3. Eric says:

    Someone mentioned a Dexter’s Mom story in the comments. I really loved the comic you created with her. I’d love to read this story. Is there any chance to get a link to it or something?

  4. Naruto says:

    Hey Shiin, I have a question about the stories posted: Do the stories have to be about pre-existing characters, or could they be made up for the story? Also, do you make sketches for the written stories, or are they the basis for the stories themselves?

    I may be interested in writing something up depending on the answers.

    • shiin says:

      I would generally like the stories to include an oc of mine, male of female, as one of the main characters if I am to post it here and not just the setting velvet city. This dexters mom story was based on the images I did so I figured I would post that : )

  5. ananama says:

    when you get mor stories?

  6. zeboose says:

    Just curious if your going to be doing anymore stories anytime soon? Or maybe more comics involving these guys?

    • shiin says:

      well, these guys? I mean they are my oc’s so there will be more of them : ) I haven’t done any of these stories, just got them gifted and similar from awesome people, If i ever get more i will post them

  7. james says:

    love the stroy

  8. Pente says:

    Love your stories Penumbra, and I love the commissions that Shiin did for you. Have you ever think to combine the two in an awesome story where a little guy put in place two bigger ?

  9. omni001 says:

    Big fan of your work. Love the idea of velvet city stories. But I can’t get the Penumbra story to download. Is there a link to the story or another website I could find it on or something?

    • shiin says:

      I have had no problems with it, im at work atm and seem to be able to download it on my phone just fine, right click and ‘save as’ in the regular browser i guess? Hope it works out! Currently at work as i mentioned so cant do much and i dont think its posted anywhere else.

  10. Vastolordzen says:

    Alright Penumbra, that’s a great story there, I love it :D It’d be nice to see more writings from you, of course :)

  11. Risax says:

    Glad to see so many people liked the story! I’m not sure when I’ll write the next story and who it’ll be about, but I do like Rita since she’s such a tough, curvy chick. Personally, I’d love to write something with her and Simon. But I don’t want to spoil that kid TOO much. So I’ll wait until some more Asks are drawn out and Shiin has reworked some Character Sheets. In any case, I hope I won’t have to let you folks wait too long. ;)

    • Xacharai says:

      I’m personally loving your stories! They are really great. Keep up the good work. Also, maybe she should fuck around with rob, I’d like to see how a tough, stern, army lady deals with his chill, relaxed, carefree spirit

  12. Erdody says:

    I tip my hat to you, Risax, awesome story. I hope you’ll write another chapter soon

  13. Lupus says:

    Do you have that Naruto one off the old forums?

    • JohnnyBoy says:

      Hey Lupus, I’m actually the guy that wrote that story, The Mangaverse Escapades. When I talked to shiin about it, he said he wasn’t planning on bringing back the forum, meaning my story was a no-go. But don’t worry, I’ll be making a tumblr and posting my stories there. Thanks for asking though!

  14. Risax says:

    Thanks for posting the story here and giving people a link to my Tumblr. Hope everyone likes it! :)

    • Nocturn says:

      Good start Risax!! I like the first chapter, hope to see more. Risax’s stories and Shiin’s works the best combo ;)

    • Vastolordzen says:

      Hey Risax, the story was great! I’d love to see you write more about Shiin’s characters ‘ escapades :D

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